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History & Credentials


Based in Puget Sound, Olympic Résumé is one of the top-ranked career strategy firms in the United States.


As an expert practitioner in the field of career strategy, I utilize an interdisciplinary approach fusing my experience as a hiring manager (for several firms including a Fortune Global 500 corporation), a journalist, a coach, an English tutor, an editor, and a national social media campaign manager.


My methods are a fusion of my talents: management, training, creative writing, marketing, journalism, coaching, and sales. All of these skills help me create powerful and impressive deliverables that get noticed.


My customized programs are an excellent way to generate more interview opportunities and accelerate your career.

I have helped hundreds of clients over the years.


Customers appreciate my unique and unparalleled level of experience and credentials. Over the years, I have helped numerous clients who received poor advice from alleged “résumé writing professionals.” One of my personal goals is to improve the public perception of the career coaching profession.


My methodology has an excellent track record -- I have helped clients earn positions with numerous high-profile companies including Starbucks, Boeing, Expedia, Microsoft, Amazon, Nordstrom, Safeco/Liberty Mutual, and Alaska Airlines.


The process is collaborative as we write, revise, wordsmith, and develop phenomenal deliverables. 


John Davidsson

Founder and Owner, Olympic Résumé

Who Is John Davidsson?
Resume Help

My Business Model


I am a sole proprietor which means that I NEVER pass a client to an inexperienced associate or outsource work. Guaranteed!

Career Strategy

Why Your Résumé Matters


A résumé is a cogent, concise restatement of your skills, education, and core competencies.

Your résumé is the absolute most important document in your life -- it affects your income potential and defines your capabilities to the world.


The modern day résumé is a brief version of the classical concept of a curriculum vitae (Latin for "course of one's life").  


Résumés are typically used in all disciplines except medicine and academia. 

Your résumé is your most important job search tool, make sure it's sharp!


P.S. The acute accent marks in résumé are not absolutely necessary (but they look professional).

Core Credentials


  • 20+ years of experience writing resumes and advising clients.

  • A law degree from Seattle University (#1 ranked legal writing program in the country).

  • Experience as a hiring manager with a Fortune Global 300 corporation. I have hired dozens of employees throughout my career.

  • Writing award from Ivy League Columbia University.

  • Quoted and consulted as an expert by The Seattle Times and NBC.

  • Selected as the "Best Business of Seattle" in the Career Counseling category (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020) by

  • A+ rating with the BBB.

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